Welcome back to Black Moor’s website, where we keep you up to date with the latest happenings on our podcasts! So what’s new?

Well, just in case you missed it, our Geekery Gears interview with Becca Davila launched. Ashley Glenn interviews the gorgeous Juvia cosplayer on what it’s like making her costume, roleplaying to stay in character as well as bringing diversity to the cosplay community. From body positivity to a Fairy Tail quiz, we’ve got it all. Check out the article here and the podcast here!

Next, last week on Sunday was the premiere of a new series Hellsville. Ever wondered what it’s like to live in hell? Todd and Genine can tell you with the latest news update on community happenings. In this episode, demons are rallying at the fire pit to demonstrate their need for new torture weapons as only the top one percent are able to are able to afford them. Will the Devil feel the Bern? Listen to the first episode here!

And finally, the second episode of Bosh & Brave has just been released today. Paige Hopkinson reports to you from the tragic city of Grand Ivorglen. Follow her and Edgar Cadwell as they try to get through the murderous automatons to Trov Towers. Listen to the second episode here!

Bosh & Brave also has some extra news! If you have a Tumblr, you should follow it’s personal blog. Here, you’ll be able to track the happenings from a… Softer point of view? Rix Hopkinson, Paige’s small fluffy gray (white?) kitten, reports to you on what it’s like living in Flora. Follow the Tumblr here for extra information not offered in the podcast here! Posts start this Monday and sync up with the podcast. This has been Rix Hopkinson, over and out!

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