Hello everyone and welcome back to Black Moor’s news! It’s time to tell you all the changes coming to our little fish tank!

Firstly, we recognize that our iTunes was down for a while and we were unable to post any new content. We’ve fixed this and have started to use our website as our hosting site for iTunes.

The feed on iTunes will also be separated from now on. So if you only want to subscribe to Bosh & Brave, you can look it up by the title through a podcasting app of your choice and only get those episodes. The same goes for any of our other podcasts.

As for our SoundCloud listeners, we still intend to use it, however we will only be posting new episodes. If you would like to listen to any of our earlier work, you can find it on here, YouTube, iTunes or any podcasting app.

For any links you might need, you can also go to the Podcasts page to find each series’ profile, episodes and personal social media accounts for you to follow!

Next, we also want to thank Jennifer and Caffeinated Web Studio for helping us update our site and help us find a plug in to host all of Black Moor’s series. We really do appreciate all the help and we’re sure our listeners appreciate it too!

Also for shout outs, we want to thank Diane Student from the History Goes Bump podcast for giving Bosh & Brave such a lovely review on iTunes as well as a shout out on their show. If you’re visiting us from their podcast; thank you and welcome! And for our listeners, if you like ghost stories and spooky tales, you should definitely check them out! And what better time than the haunted season?

Finally, if you would like to hear a shout out from your favorite characters, such as Genine from Hellsville or Paige from Bosh & Brave, leave us a review on iTunes or a comment on our recent episodes on YouTube. We’ll be reading out reviews and lovely comments at the end of the show so don’t delay! Send us a line, we’d love to hear from you!

That’s all for now glubscribers! We hope you guys enjoy these changes coming to the fish tank, and as always, swim against the current3d62215370833fb31d57f466962746fd 47 Cool blue goldfish animated emoticons fish emoticons fish emoji