Black Moor Productions is officially a year old! This past year has been filled with so many exciting memories and accomplishments and it is all thanks to you, our amazing listeners.

Thanks to your support, we here at Black Moor have been driven to create more content for your enjoyment and hope to continue to grow as a company. What started with only three people has now turned into a team of almost ten, and we’re still growing!

Each and everyday we learn something new, creating a dream we hope will continue for years to come. So here’s to another year and here’s all of our new series you can listen to now!

Bosh & Brave Season 2

Paige Hopkinson is back! Continue listening to the audio diary of an engineer as she travels with a crew of mismatched space pirates, defeating the aristocrats and finding out more about her past.

Captains & Airships

Additional content outside of Paige Hopkinson’s diary, listen to the many voices that create the Bosh & Brave universe. Beloved characters like Captain Alex Stranwood, Hattie Wells, Edgar Cadwell and more make their appearances and describe the story as they see it.

Winston & the Familiar

Winston Price is traveling to a new space colony, Manticore, and hoping to become a new leading doctor in the medical field. However, his Familiar running the travelpod, an A.I. named Nova, makes the journey that much more interesting.

Luna Nightshade

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone, but knew it would be rude? Luna Nightshade is here to say all the things you thought, but would never say out loud! Listen to a host who’s ready to throw all the shade.

We hope you guys enjoy the new series and stick around for this next year! We have a lot of new content planned and are working hard to provide you with only the best podcasts around.

Swim against the current, listeners and happy birthday Black Moor!