Season One 

Episode 1

Paige Hopkinson reports to you from the planet Flora! From the city of Grand Ivorglen, Paige reveals her hopes and dreams of adventures as a tinkering engineer hoping to leave the Worker’s District.

Episode 2

Paige Hopkinson helps the dashing Edgar Cadwell get out of a very tragic situation as their home of Grand Ivorglen is attacked by enforcement automatons!

Episode 3

Paige and Edgar have made their way back to the Worker’s District to make a plan: how to get off Flora.

Episode 4

Edgar tries to get the power back up and running while Paige is on patrol for danger! While the two try to signal an airship to get off Flora, Paige finds herself to be in a bit of a jam.

Episode 5

Paige and Edgar have safely gotten aboard the Royal Grace thanks to Captain Alex Stranwood, but how well do they really know the crew?

Episode 6

After finding out what sort of crew Captain Alex runs, Paige has to make a difficult decision!

Episode 7

Paige finally gets to go to a ball, despite it also being an undercover mission to spy on the Darlings. What adventure awaits miss Hopkinson and the pirate crew at the Aquarius Ball?

Episode 8

Hattie Wells finds the audio diary after Paige has been injured! Revealing some dark secrets, Hattie tells Paige she may be in more danger than she thought.

Episode 9

Back on her feet, Paige has a moment to recollect her thoughts. That is, until a stranger appears on the Royal Grace…

Episode 10

Paige is excited to have a new addition to her pirate family as she describes what the ship is like with Earnest on board. But the crew may not be safe just yet…

Episode 11

After the Men in Masks attack the crew, Paige finds out the cold truth about the captain and their “family”.

Season 2

Episode 1

Paige Hopkinson is back and this time she is teaming up with oh-so-dashing Edgar Cadwell to save their friends and her beloved “cat”. But the Darlings are making that a difficult task.

Episode 2

Paige is helping build Hattie a new arm but in the process finds out some interesting information. Meanwhile, Alex has devised a new plan to take down the Overtons.

Episode 3

The time has come for a trade to be made. Back on Flora, the place of the aristocrats’ destruction, Paige and Edgar must make a trade with Johnathan Overton for Abitha Stranwood.