Black Moor News 10/16/16

Hello everyone and welcome back to Black Moor’s news! It’s time to tell you all the changes coming to our little fish tank! Firstly, we recognize that our iTunes was down for a while and we were unable to post any new content. We’ve fixed this and have started to use our website as our hosting…

Episode 1

This month on Geekery Gears, Ashley Glenn interviews Becca Davila on the subject of cosplay! From body positivity to roleplaying, we cover it all! Check out Geekery Gears blog at: Check out Becca’s blogs at: Or find her on Instagram at beccaboopsyou!

Episode 2

The Devil is having an issue with uprisings in Hell, so of course Todd and Genine are going to report on it! Get the latest scoop on this episode of Hellsville. You can also find this podcast on YouTube and Itunes.

Episode 1

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in Hell? Already live there? Great! Then listen to the hottest new radio broadcast with the soothing, salty voices of Todd and Genine as they give you the scoop on local happenings right from the basement itself!

Episode 9

Back on her feet, Paige has a moment to recollect her thoughts. That is, until a stranger appears on the Royal Grace…

Episode 8

Hattie Wells finds the audio diary after Paige has been injured! Revealing some dark secrets, Hattie tells Paige she may be in more danger than she thought.

Episode 7

Paige finally gets to go to a ball, despite it also being an undercover mission to spy on the Darlings. What adventure awaits miss Hopkinson and the pirate crew at the Aquarius Ball?

Episode 6

After finding out what sort of crew Captain Alex runs, Paige has to make a difficult decision!

Episode 5

Paige and Edgar have safely gotten aboard the Royal Grace thanks to Captain Alex Stranwood, but how well do they really know the crew?

Episode 4

Edgar tries to get the power back up and running while Paige is on patrol for danger! While the two try to signal an airship to get off Flora, Paige finds herself to be in a bit of a jam.