Looking for something in specific? Here are all of Black Moor’s current podcast series! To find out where to listen to these podcasts outside of our website, go to our Find Us tab.

Bosh & Brave

Paige Hopkinson reports to you from the planet Flora! From the city of Grand Ivorglen, Paige reveals her hopes and dreams of adventures as a tinkering engineer hoping to leave the Worker’s District. Releases twice a month.

Written & produced by: Ashley Glenn

Voiced by: Clover Grayson

Guest Starring: Adam Barba, Becca Davila, Ryan Hardy & Dylan Wickersham

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Captains & Airships

Additional episodes to Black Moor’s original podcast series, Bosh & Brave, Captains & Airships provides you exploration to the world around Paige Hopkinson. Listen to stories from countless characters such as captain Alex Stranwood, Hattie Wells, Edgar and Earnest Cadwell and more as we continue listening on to Paige’s audio diary!

Written & Produced by: Ashley Glenn

Starring: Adam Barba, Dylan Wickersham, Becca Davila and Ryan Hardy.

Winston & the Familiar

Winston Price is a scientist who has boarded a travel pod, expecting to arrive to his new space colony in three months. However, the Familiar (A.I.) running the ship, Nova, is a little peculiar. Bored with nothing else to do, Winston decides to take an interest into why Nova is the way she is and even give her a human experience.

Written & Produced by: Ashley Glenn

Nova is voiced by Cristal Lopez and Winston is voiced by Ryan Hardy.

Luna Nightshade

Have you ever really wanted to say something to someone, but knew you shouldn’t? You don’t wanna be rude right? Well Luna Nightshade is here to say what’s on everyone’s mind, unfiltered and full of shade.

Written and voiced by: Clover Grayson

Produced by: Ashley Glenn

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Ashley’s Anime


If you like anime and sarcasm, you may want to check out this podcast and it’s blog! Ashley Glenn brings up a variety of topics to be talked about within the anime community. From cosplay to dating pigeons, we cover it all. Releases bimonthly.

Hosted by: Ashley Glenn

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Ever wondered what it’s like to live in Hell? Already live there? Great! Then listen to the hottest new radio broadcast with the soothing, salty voices of Todd and Genine as they give you the scoop on local happenings right from the basement itself! Releases once a month on Sundays.

Written by: Adam Barba

Co-written & produced by: Ashley Glenn

Voiced by: Adam Barba & Cassandra Luckey