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Adam Barba

Adam Barba voices Captain Alex Stranwood on Bosh & Brave, the writer/voice of Todd on Hellsville and coordinates Black Moor videos as well as producing the various beautiful logos for the shows. Adam owns Make it Weird Entertainment and is professionally trained in film. Adam is a writer, actor, director and editor.

Series: Bosh & Brave, Hellsville and Captains & Airships.


Facebook: MakeitWeirdEntertainment

Becca Davila

Becca Davila plays the voice of Hattie Wells on the podcast series Bosh & Brave. Becca is also a makeup artist specializing in gore, special effects and glamour makeup. She is a cosplayer, gamer live streamer and professional booper.

Series: Bosh & Brave, Winston & the Familiar (special appearance).


Facebook: beccaboopsyou 

Clover Grayson

Clover Grayson plays the voice of Paige Hopkinson on Bosh & Brave and writes/voices Luna Nightshade on the shady podcast Luna Nightshade. She also helps to run the various social media accounts Black Moor owns. Clover is a professional actress, avid writer and learning to be an editor for Black Moor Productions.

Series: Bosh & Brave, Luna Nightshade, Winston & the Familiar (special appearance).


Twitter: @DarlingMissGray

Cristal Lopez

Cristal Lopez is the voice of Nova on Winston & the Familiar. Cristal is a professional actor who has been on large-scale sets before such as Sins of Our Youth and the fifth installment of the Jason Bourne series. She is a graduated Art Major from the Las Vegas Academy in 2012 and has been interested in acting ever since she decided to pursue film-making in college.

Series: Winston & the Familiar.

Dylan Wickersham

Dylan Wickersham plays the voice of Earnest Cadwell on Bosh & Brave. Dylan is majoring in history at the University of Las Vegas Nevada with hopes of earning a PHD and becoming a historian.

Series: Bosh & Brave and Captain’s & Airships.

Katrina Diebold

Katrina Diebold is the voice of Lani Cadwell in the series Bosh & Brave as well as Captains & Airships. Katrina is licensed to do both hair and nails and has been professionally trained in acting at IAFT. Katrina can adapt to different acting scenarios, but prefers and loves dark, serious or dramatic acting roles. She is also a writer of books and poetry.

Ryan Hardy

Ryan Hardy voices Winston in Winston & the Familiar and Edgar Cadwell on Bosh & Brave. He also creates and produces the entire soundtrack for Winston & the Familiar. He has been a musician since the age of eight, graduated from Mojave for Music Theory and has since toured the western states in numerous bands. Ryan is a writer and has been in film and acting, being on the sets of HSM3 followed by National Lampoon’s Awesomest Maximus and the fifth installment of the Jason Bourne series.

Series: Winston & the Familiar, Bosh & Brave.